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Picture: Seuster KG

Power-operated doors and gates are becoming state of the art and their numbers are constantly rising. More and more companies, as well as private households, are enjoying the benefits of automated entrance gates and garage doors.

In industry high-speed doors are paving the way for a new pattern of logistics working as companies strive for greater efficiency.

At the same time technical advances and mass production by gate manufacturers has led to falling prices, stimulating sales growth in both the commercial and residential markets.

Gate Safety Awareness

A fact that is often underestimated is that automatic door and gate systems are machines, which need responsible engineering, careful installation and regular servicing. Today’s high quality components however can lead to maintenance being viewed as less of a priority in the drive to be price competitive.

This inevitably leads to complacency with potential risks and dangers being underestimated or even overlooked. It is therefore essential that gate safety awareness is heightened among operators, service and installation companies, manufacturers and end-users.

Why Force Measurement

Among other requirements BS-EN12445:2001 and BS-EN12543:2001 define the obligation to measure the closing forces of automatic doors and gates. The standards specify test points and max. permissible force and reaction time values. A gate system needs to detect an impact and reverse its drive releasing the ‘crush’ zone within a very short time and force range. Only if it reacts accordingly can the risks of automatic operation be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Force measurement enables immediate and comprehensive evaluation of a gate as a system as with the motto:

»The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.«