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KMG Force Testers

For optimized measurement performance GTE has designed two separate specialist devices.


The graphical force measuring instrument.


KMG-2000-G measures the dynamic and static forces during the specified time and displays the force vs. time graph as well as the peak force value. All measurement values are instantly evaluated and saved to the huge internal memory (space for 500 measurements). According to the standards a triplet of individual measurement values is automatically averaged, yielding a final measurement result, which is conforming to standards.

Aside from this aspect, its compact design and its technical details make KMG-2000-G a powerful as well as convenient instrument for all kinds of force measurements linked to power operated closures.

The huge internal memory of KMG-2000-G allows you to store the results of 500 measurements (= 166 standard triplet measurements). Saved measurement data can be reloaded to the display at any time (including the graphs).

For further analysis and data administration the device is equipped with a USB interface. With the seperately available software called KMG-VD, saved measurement data can easily be transferred from your KMG to a PC or notebook for evaluation, archiving and printing of test protocols.

Measuring range: 25 N – 2000 N

  • Illuminated graphical display with diagram view
  • Multi-lanuage service menu
  • High grade robust metal casing
  • Internal memory for 500 measurements
  • Automatic averaging
  • USB-Interface for PC connection
  • PC-Software for visualization, archiving and printing of measurement protocols


The easy to use in-situ force tester.


Measurement-range: 25 N – 1600 N

  • Intuitive handling
  • Automatic standard conforming evaluation
  • Numeric display of parameters Fdyn, tdyn and FEnd
  • Long-lasting battery supply
  • Transport case with protocol sheets included
  • Distance-Set with tripod and spacers available
  • Best value force tester on the market

KMG-Lite is the most essential force tester available. It was designed to perform a EN 12453 conforming force test as easily as it gets. Push the button once, apply the force, wait for the results and you’re done. No data storage, no interface, no complicated service menu – Just force testing.

In terms of accuracy and evaluation KMG-Lite is fully compliant with the EN.

For quick and professional documentation, KMG-Lite comes along with specially designed paper pads and for electronic documentation with a free online tool for desktop, mobile and tablet use:


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KMG-Lite Distance-Set and KMA-2000

For both devices handy spacer sets are available, which cover two standard measuring distances defined in BS EN 12453:2000, 5.2.

»KMA« Spacer set for KMG-2000-G »KMG-Lite Distance-Set«